Love For A Woman

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Love For A Woman

What is love?
The feeling of her breathe
In and out as we kiss

Each other’s breath
As we join
As one

Her apprehensions
As my own pain

Joy of touch
The warmth and tingle
Of her moist olive skin

Her kiss
The slightest touch
Her warm
Moist tongue

Another breath shared


The Gates Of Hell?

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Through me you pass into the city of woe:
Through me you pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people lost for aye.

Justice the founder of my fabric mov’d:
To rear me was the task of power divine,
Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon ye who enter here.

Such characters in colour dim I mark’d
Over a portal’s lofty arch inscrib’d:
Whereat I thus: Master, these words import.

Dante Alighieri

The Pond

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My mother told me not to go near the pond at our new house.

Daddy was out of town.

Mother said that the pond was too deep.

The bricks around the edge would break and make me fall in.

She says I am to young to swim good.

I took lessons last summer.

I walked to the pond. It was dark.

There was fuzzy green stuff floating on top.

Snails under the leaves of flat round plants growing on top of the water.

There were dark little fish way at the bottom.

I stood near the edge and reached down to grab a snail.

A long, slender arm reached up and gently pulled me in. It felt cold.

I looked at his face.

I saw my grandfather.

He said rest now…


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He came to her as she beckoned

like a an old familiar lover

Fear, darkness

damp rotting leaves

a void too deep

her hand reached out

he met her touch

what she expected to be like a shattered pane of glass

was only a wisp of air


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Inside, torn apart

Loss of family, loss of self

The city senses the presence the people ignore

Horrified by the ugliness of the possibilities

It must be one of those!



lazy drunk and drug addict

Get a job

become invisible


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on the streets.

Pioneer square looks like hell.

Old rock buildings and underground caverns that used to be Seattle.

Where is Satan?

He’s here.

What would Daddy say. Selling parts that he spoiled so long ago.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” he’d say.

Secrets always kept.

One more and you can get a hit.

Forget for awhile.

Be Sure Next Time

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My eyes hurt. It was dark.

Dark and cold.

For so many days. At least three. Now.

The white light. Big squares, and six round ones.

It’s still very cold.

I must be in a hospital. Naked though. I can feel it.

I can’t move.

Where is the nurse? It’s all very quiet.

A man. No, two men.

Talking, just outside.

No, outside a door maybe. Muffled.

Wait, one of the men is coming in.

I can hear the footsteps.

Dress shoes. Very clicky.

A microphone? Over my belly.

What is this place? Where is that nurse?

Don’t they know to at least turn me over? My neck hurts bad.

The pillow feels weird. Like a piece of foam or something.

The man is walking over. He’s eating something. A bag of Cheetos?

What kind of hospital lets them do that?

He has a white coat. A lab coat? Maybe a doctor.


He pinched my nipple!

That bastard touched me!

I need help. I must move, I have to.

Try to talk. I can’t.

I’m crying, but no sound comes out.

No movement at all.

He’s talking into that microphone.

He’s reaching for something. It shines. Out of my peripheral vision.

I have to move my eyes.

My god! He’s cutting me!

A large cut on my chest. It feels like a “T”. I’m Dying!

Oh my god, he’s reaching into my chest… Darkness.

The door slammed open as Mark rushed in. “Robert! My god! In her clothing bag, at the bottom, A life alert tag!”

“Robert, She has narcolepsy. She wasn’t dead Robert!

She wasn’t dead… until now.”